DelfMEMS is a leading provider of MEMS-based RF switches with
outstanding performances for mobile and instrumentation applications.

  • From low to high volume production

    From low to high volume production

    DelfMEMS is a fabless company which works closely with world-leading foundry partners, from fabrication to qualification. We ensure a strong supply chain and high quality.

  • Innovation


    We have re-thought the MEMS switch, from the anchorless mechanical design to the thin film packaging technology. We work closely with our customers to provide them the best products tp improve their systems.

  • Ultimate RF switching technology

    Ultimate RF switching technology

    DelfMEMS patents and technology solves the past issues of RF MEMS. We provide the ultimate technology and products in terms of insertion losses, isolation, linearity and integration.

About us

DelfMEMS is the world’s first supplier to market of radiofrequency systems based on MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) ohmic switches for mobile telephony applications. Next generation mobile devices will increasingly rely on tunable and low loss components to deliver high performance multi-standard and multi-mode devices at a reasonable cost. The developed technology is optimal for carrier aggregation, tunability and reconfiguration of antennas and power amplifiers used in portable devices using 4G-Advanced-LTE and Wifi.

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